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LeanAccelerator-DMAICLean/Agile Practices

Lean is the world’s most successful continuous improvement method. Agile is a way to get projects done faster, more flexibly and in a cross-functional manner. Together they are explosively successful in getting change designed, built and deployed. Bevington Group has the region’s most successfully combined Lean/Agile practice which covers a spectrum of services from building specific solutions (e.g. new processes, structures or policies) through to a programmatic approach to building lean or agile competencies in your organisation. The approach often combines training for staff and deep Bevington design competencies. Finally, Bevington Group has developed a range of Lean and Agile training courses.

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process-improvement-thBusiness Process Improvement/Engineering

Bevington Group offers a unique mix of standard lean methods and advanced business process improvement techniques. Our consultants have unrivalled methods and tools at their disposal, and will work with your staff to deliver outstanding productivity and quality outcomes. Bevington Group personnel include many experienced and professionally qualified experts in lean process improvement who have successfully delivered process change to drive productivity improvements. The Bevington Group methods are unique in their ability to analyse processes quantitatively, in detail and at speed.

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Business Operating Model Design

Bevington Group has specialised skills and an enviable record in redesigning the key elements of business operating models. Our specialist consultants can help you move smoothly through analysis, design, execution and the harvesting of benefits. Only Bevington consultants can model your future in such detail. It is this detail that accelerates deployment, whilst helping you manage execution risk. Combining advanced methodologies, facilitation and experience, the Bevington Group is exceptionally proud of its long and growing list of satisfied business restructuring clients.

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change-management-thChange Management

There is little gained from great business process improvement programs if the change management execution is poor. There are many circumstances in which change management can fail, from poor metrics, to poor motivation; from poor positioning to poor piloting. Change management is often perceived as a “soft” discipline whereas in fact, it is actually one of the most difficult. Done well, change management deploys a broad array of tools and skills, from capability building to hard metrics, from outbound communication to feedback loops.

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xep3-logoTools & Software

XeP3 is a cloud based, patented, productivity improvement toolset to analyse process activities, including the usually undocumented interfacing activities. It is ideal for improving complex processes, widespread process reengineering and change management programs. XeP3 is applicable to all sizes of organisations.

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