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Effective change management ensures change has a powerful and positive impact on an organisation.

There is little gained from great business process improvement programs if the change management execution is poor. There are many circumstances in which change management can fail, from poor metrics, to poor motivation; from poor positioning to poor piloting. Change management is often perceived as a “soft” discipline whereas in fact, it is actually one of the most difficult. Done well, change management deploys a broad array of tools and skills, from capability building to hard metrics, from outbound communication to feedback loops.

Bevington Group embeds change management thinking at the start of all engagements. We engage with key decision makers and champions early in the design process, and draw on a great depth of experience to develop a detailed and attainable change management program. The Bevington approach is to create a tailored change strategy that is easy to understand, communicate and implement. Our approach encourages staff to adopt the changes as their own and make them an integral part of the organisation.

Reading on Change Management

To learn more about overcoming barriers to effective change management, please read Avoiding Change Resistance: A Pragmatic View,” which uncovers the delicate people side of organisational transformation and the effort required by leaders to inspire belief in the change. Or, for a practical Bevington Group case study, see Pacific Brands – Creating an Agile Enterprise

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Christine Burke is a Consulting Director in the Melbourne Office. Christine can be reached at

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