Freeing up time for Executives

Executives are commonly distracted from the tasks they wish to complete

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), approximately 15% of the Australian workforce work longer than 50 hours each week. That is approximately 1.75 million Australians.

The ABS goes onto say “Excessive working hours can be detrimental to productivity and to wellbeing through stress and a lack of work/life balance.” From the perspective of organisations and their long term productivity, this suggests staff around Australia consistently work longer than what is ideal.

A recent study completed by Professor Danny Samson and Tom Bevington found that the average Executive or Senior Manager wastes 33.6% of their time fixing problems and firefighting. Does this sound familiar? You head into work early trying to get ahead on the days tasks, only to end up spending most of your time troubleshooting. At the end of the day you get home late and reflect that you achieved almost nothing you had initially set out to.

If this story resonates with you like it does with most Executives, Bevington Group has designed a workshop specifically to address how to free up Executive time to complete the tasks that add most value to their organisations.

The Executive Workshop  – Freeing up Executive time for value driving activities

noiseFacilitated by Bevington Directors and Senior Managers, a specially designed full day workshop will allow you and your Executive Team to understand:

–  The importance of what interface activity noise is and how it impacts everyone’s work;

–  What you and your fellow Executives are actually doing versus where your focus could be;

–  How to free up trapped capacity by identifying activities and tasks in your role that obstruct performance;

–  How to transition from the actual to the potential, improving personal productivity;

–  What the wider implications and applications are of activity noise.


Workshop outcomes are designed to allow Executives to increase their capacity to achieve their desired work objectives.  They will gain insight into their roles, the reality of the activities they complete and their activity noise.

Exercises throughout the day are interactive with Executives guided to conduct a diagnostic of themselves and their activities, before formulating a plan to take action. Participants will make active use of the XeP3 JOB tool which can continue to be accessed and used following the workshop.

Key workshop facts

–          The workshop is designed for Executives and Senior Managers from all sectors.

–          The workshop is designed as a full day (however may be customised upon request)

–          Numbers are limited to 10 to best allow focus on each individual

–          For more information call the Bevington Group team on 03 9663 5522 or email