Aligning Improvement Effort To Strategy – Eastern Health

Key factors in Eastern Health’s journey towards performance excellence included: Developing specific performance standards, “The Performance Excellence House” Ensuring everyone was accountable for performance and continuous improvement Direct input from staff and customers Conducting “Rapid Improvement Events” with key personnel Introducing multidisciplinary teams for more efficient information sharing Fostered healthy competition between different hospital sites Many of the […]

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Westpac “Staying Ahead of the Curve”

What was crucial for success within a short time frame The burning platform A tight well scoped project Very clear deliverables Solid Project management Stakeholder engagement Right team with great attitude Ready to take learning to other projects See the full casse study – Westpac “Staying Ahead of the Curve”

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Swire Coldstorage “Success from Adversity”

The XeP3 analysis provided the basis for the next steps Idea/Solution Generation Roll-out of “local stabilisation” solutions in early implementations Conduct Task Restructuring to free up resources Clarify the Roles and Responsibilities as part of Task Restructuring Commence standardisation on the basis of “better practice” solutions identified during roll-out and early indicators of performance improvement WRITE the standard procedures See the full case study […]

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DHS Motor Vehicle Collisions & Claims Performance Project

We have not yet finished, BUT it is already a highly successful project Reduced collisions Reduced costs Improved behaviour Improved processes Improved accountability Improved safety Improved vehicle availability & utilisation Improved morale in Fleet Management Team An emergent shift in the culture …Lean thinking Driver trainer starting August ‘ Safer Driver ’ online program See the […]

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Pacific Brands Integrated Services – Creating an Agile Enterprise

The program was setup with 5 key components Process Improvement – to find the time to deliver more value Management Workshops – to drive business excellence both now and in the future Fact Based Analysis – to ensure solutions are correct and sustainable Measures and Targets – to provide the necessary focus and alignment Agile IT – to change the […]

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A Dramatic Customer Service Turnaround

Immediate improvement resulting from the streamlining of a complex set of processes Backlogs removed – focus shifted to resolution of current applications Complaints reduced – some weeks saw zero complaints versus previous numbers of up to 300 per week Process throughput improved – up to 100% in some cases Processing variability reduced – up to 800% […]

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Autoliv Surviving Downsizing

Tough times called for a smart approach Competitive environment Head office focus Openness of the challenge ahead Strong staff engagement Process reengineering for current situation but also future success 40% reduction in head office overhead See full case study – Autoliv Surviving Downsizing

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Coles Myer Supply Chain Finance

Process reengineering to drive change Elimination of waste Elimination of duplication Staff engagement Task restructuring > 35% of time freed to focus on productive activities Shift from reactive to proactive See full case study – Coles Myer Supply Chain Finance

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Bartter – Rapid Bottom Line Change Management

Continuous improvement through high levels of staff engagement and cultural change Complex manufacturing environment Collaborated with in-house improvement team Mapped current and future processes Identified areas of process failure Looked for rework Developed solutions and implementation plans 15% improvement in productivity Developed culture for ongoing improvement See the full case study – Bartter – Rapid Bottom […]

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