Aligning leaders with an operating model

An agreed operating model can be the difference between an aligned leadership team and a fumbled execution of strategy. By Roger Perry When the chairperson of a respected enterprise asked me to lead what can only be called a ‘restructuring rescue’ it quickly became clear that the board and management were not aligned on strategy. […]

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Digital transformation is the new black

Digital transformation is the new black Digital transformation is about more than just the digital realm, it’s about customers, staff, revenue, cost, and, most critically, culture. By Roger Perry I had my own digital epiphany while talking to a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. We were lazing by a pool, watching over our kids, […]

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How NOT to stuff up a company restructure

How NOT to stuff up a company restructure A great company restructure design can improve your chances of success. However, the process requires you to think about what constitutes a good structure. By Roger Perry Restructures can be an invaluable way to accelerate performance. However, they can only do so if they are well executed […]

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Agilification: How to Build an Agile Enterprise

The word “agile” is much bandied around at the moment. It is a reference to the need for organisations to be more responsive and adaptive in the face of an accelerating pace of change. It is an exciting way to deliver products and services faster, whilst involving customer and staff in improvement cycles they genuinely […]

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Technology Led Transformation: The Business’s Contribution to Success or Failure.

Most experienced executives are inherently cautious around major technology transformations. In our transformation work, we at the Bevington Group have found that most executives appreciate the risks of cost blow-outs, delayed delivery dates, software bugs, customer impacts and decreased productivity (even if temporary) on deployment.  Overall, the cost of managing these risks often severely impacts […]

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Autoliv Surviving Downsizing

Tough times called for a smart approach Competitive environment Head office focus Openness of the challenge ahead Strong staff engagement Process reengineering for current situation but also future success 40% reduction in head office overhead See full case study – Autoliv Surviving Downsizing

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Going paperless to enhance productivity, what it really means for your business

For many “going paperless” sounds only like a clean desk policy: a means to reduce consumption of paper and present a tidy and well organised workplace. However, this is far from the core productivity revolution that going paperless can imply. Paperless can mean accelerating the flow of activity through an organisation, reducing errors, reducing waste […]

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CEO The Business-Operating Model

  The Business Operating Model. What is it? Why should I be interested? And how can I orchestrate change? In the current environment of global change, it is becoming increasingly important to think about the design of your business. Is your Business Operating Model optimised to meet the needs of your target market? Is there […]

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