Courage plus accountability equals a performance culture

Courage plus accountability equals a performance culture Courage and accountability are the twin pillars of any performance culture. Make it your mission to lead the way. By Roger Perry As experienced leaders we have all seen it: the failed attempt to deliver a cultural transformation. The glitzy launch, the fanfare, the hope and promise of […]

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Purpose and adaptability: The keys to organisational resilience

Purpose and adaptability: The keys to organisational resilience Find out how to develop organisational resilience, and why it’s vital for companies to survive in the long term. By Roger Perry Purpose At the end of World War II Viktor Frankl, a brilliant ex-Auschwitz inmate, wrote Man’s Search for Meaning. The book demonstrated that purpose was […]

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avoiding change resistance_main

Avoiding Change Resistance: A Pragmatic View

Responses to change vary widely. Some accept, some champion, some resist, some become stressed, and some close down. Yet nearly all major organisational change requires behavioural adaption from staff. So, experienced leaders know that proactive planning is required if they want an enthusiastic response from staff. This article will outline some practical approaches to the […]

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Technology Led Transformation: The Business’s Contribution to Success or Failure.

Most experienced executives are inherently cautious around major technology transformations. In our transformation work, we at the Bevington Group have found that most executives appreciate the risks of cost blow-outs, delayed delivery dates, software bugs, customer impacts and decreased productivity (even if temporary) on deployment.  Overall, the cost of managing these risks often severely impacts […]

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DHS Motor Vehicle Collisions & Claims Performance Project

We have not yet finished, BUT it is already a highly successful project Reduced collisions Reduced costs Improved behaviour Improved processes Improved accountability Improved safety Improved vehicle availability & utilisation Improved morale in Fleet Management Team An emergent shift in the culture …Lean thinking Driver trainer starting August ‘ Safer Driver ’ online program See the […]

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Pacific Brands Integrated Services – Creating an Agile Enterprise

The program was setup with 5 key components Process Improvement – to find the time to deliver more value Management Workshops – to drive business excellence both now and in the future Fact Based Analysis – to ensure solutions are correct and sustainable Measures and Targets – to provide the necessary focus and alignment Agile IT – to change the […]

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Bartter – Rapid Bottom Line Change Management

Continuous improvement through high levels of staff engagement and cultural change Complex manufacturing environment Collaborated with in-house improvement team Mapped current and future processes Identified areas of process failure Looked for rework Developed solutions and implementation plans 15% improvement in productivity Developed culture for ongoing improvement See the full case study – Bartter – Rapid Bottom […]

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CEO The Business-Operating Model

  The Business Operating Model. What is it? Why should I be interested? And how can I orchestrate change? In the current environment of global change, it is becoming increasingly important to think about the design of your business. Is your Business Operating Model optimised to meet the needs of your target market? Is there […]

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A New Way To Create Capacity And Improve Employee Satisfaction

Management issues is a new section in The Journal focusing on organisational effectiveness in the Insurance Industry. In this article, Danny Sampson and Tom Bevington look at a new way to create capacity and improve employee satisfaction – and at the same time, improve customer service and competitiveness. Our research in the last five years […]

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