DHS Motor Vehicle Collisions & Claims Performance Project

We have not yet finished, BUT it is already a highly successful project Reduced collisions Reduced costs Improved behaviour Improved processes Improved accountability Improved safety Improved vehicle availability & utilisation Improved morale in Fleet Management Team An emergent shift in the culture …Lean thinking Driver trainer starting August ‘ Safer Driver ’ online program See the […]

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Healthcare 1* Case Study

XeP3 to enhance resource utilisation and increase throughput without compromising safety Opportunity to refocus almost one quarter of the resource was identified 7800 hours (annualised) of non-productive effort was removed from the hospital processes Dramatically improved factors which affect patient care, for example an 83% reduction in missing theatre items Delivered in a way that engaged staff and measured the improvements See the full case study […]

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Hospital 1* Case Study

Achieving increased throughput from limited resources Identified opportunities to streamline processes Improved staff satisfaction through better processes Minimised process waste (noise) Improved EBIT performance See the full case study – Hospital 1*

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