Great leaders are masters of measurement

Leaders guide their organisations through regular change, meaning they must become masters of measurement. By Roger Perry Just a few weeks ago I sat in a CEO’s office helping him consider a measurement conundrum. His biggest challenge was simply time – he needed to know early if the change was working, and if not, where […]

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Waste elimination: The safest route to improved profitability

Waste elimination: The safest route to improved profitability Waste elimination is the fastest way to improve performance, but first you have to find the waste and prioritise. By Roger Perry Waste elimination is often assumed to be a cost play, but, as a result of improved customer service, it can also be a powerful revenue […]

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Process failures: Paying to annoy customers

Process failures: Paying to annoy customers Mitigate ‘Noise’©– a measurement of the people-time spent addressing process failures–and stop irritating your customers. By Roger Perry As social media makes it increasingly easier for customers to either recommend or pillory a company, organisations are becoming critically sensitive to customer opinions. Yet many organisations struggle to improve the […]

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Change Network Event Melbourne 19 March 2015 – Westpac’s Sustained Vision in End-to-End Transformation

This Change Network was a breakfast event held at the Athenaeum Club in Melbourne on the 19th March 2015. Nic Savage, Westpac’s Executive Manager Mortgage Origination and Transformation, provided practical and thought-provoking insights into Westpac’s transformation of the mortgage process. This case study is one of long term vision and sustained determination, from identification of […]

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avoiding change resistance_main

Avoiding Change Resistance: A Pragmatic View

Responses to change vary widely. Some accept, some champion, some resist, some become stressed, and some close down. Yet nearly all major organisational change requires behavioural adaption from staff. So, experienced leaders know that proactive planning is required if they want an enthusiastic response from staff. This article will outline some practical approaches to the […]

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Technology Led Transformation: The Business’s Contribution to Success or Failure.

Most experienced executives are inherently cautious around major technology transformations. In our transformation work, we at the Bevington Group have found that most executives appreciate the risks of cost blow-outs, delayed delivery dates, software bugs, customer impacts and decreased productivity (even if temporary) on deployment.  Overall, the cost of managing these risks often severely impacts […]

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Westpac “Staying Ahead of the Curve”

What was crucial for success within a short time frame The burning platform A tight well scoped project Very clear deliverables Solid Project management Stakeholder engagement Right team with great attitude Ready to take learning to other projects See the full casse study – Westpac “Staying Ahead of the Curve”

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Swire Coldstorage “Success from Adversity”

The XeP3 analysis provided the basis for the next steps Idea/Solution Generation Roll-out of “local stabilisation” solutions in early implementations Conduct Task Restructuring to free up resources Clarify the Roles and Responsibilities as part of Task Restructuring Commence standardisation on the basis of “better practice” solutions identified during roll-out and early indicators of performance improvement WRITE the standard procedures See the full case study […]

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A Dramatic Customer Service Turnaround

Immediate improvement resulting from the streamlining of a complex set of processes Backlogs removed – focus shifted to resolution of current applications Complaints reduced – some weeks saw zero complaints versus previous numbers of up to 300 per week Process throughput improved – up to 100% in some cases Processing variability reduced – up to 800% […]

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