Swire Coldstorage “Success from Adversity”

The XeP3 analysis provided the basis for the next steps Idea/Solution Generation Roll-out of “local stabilisation” solutions in early implementations Conduct Task Restructuring to free up resources Clarify the Roles and Responsibilities as part of Task Restructuring Commence standardisation on the basis of “better practice” solutions identified during roll-out and early indicators of performance improvement WRITE the standard procedures See the full case study […]

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Supply Chain 2* Case Study

Consistent approach to improvement across a diverse supply chain Increased the productivity across all the Distribution Centres Developed an in-house capability to run processes improvement projects Encouraged a continuous improvement culture through engagement with the shop floor Increased the acceptance of change amongst team members and increase the change management skills of the front line […]

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Supply Chain 1* Case Study

Increasing resource utilisation while reducing overall costs Highlighted Cost Drivers through the XeP3 detailed activity data which allowed identification, and quantification of Process failure (Noise) Pinpointed where profit driving activities should occur for optimal performance and maximised bottom-line benefits Developed dynamic business cases using XeP3 Scenario Modelling functionality Compared different processes (by brand, function or geographical location) Captured and report on Key Performance Indicators […]

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