The Bevington Group Difference


Bevington Group offers highly specialised consulting services in business process improvement, business operating model design and change management. The process improvement practice sees our consultants analyse, diagnose and define improvements for processes across your value chain. The business operating model design practice helps our customers design processes, roles, structures and technologies which enable them to execute on strategy. The change management practice helps you prepare for and execute deployment in ways that make the changes stick. All of this is done in a way that involves customer staff from the beginning, delivered through expert personnel, world class methods and powerful software tools. Bevington consultants are specialists in these disciplines and are supported by leading edge methods. All of this means that we can deliver a better design, faster, with lower risk and greater impact.

Methods & Tools

At Bevington, our consultants are supported by leading edge methods which are powered by advanced software, ensuring our engagements quickly gather sufficient data to make important decisions about your business. These methods have been tested in hundreds of assignments and have proven their worth time and time again. Our consulting methods and tools can be applied to transform your business from the top down driven by executive vision and strategy, or from the bottom up driven by detailed role and process analysis. Further, where appropriate we can marry both top down and bottom up together. From pinpointing waste in processes, role design, systems and structures, through to collaboratively designing an entirely new enterprise, Bevington Group has the tools and consultants for the job.

Knowledge Transfer

Bevington engagements are designed to ensure we provide a genuine knowledge transfer service, growing the capability of your team, so they can assist in the definition and delivery of change. As capability grows, your teams have ownership over their own change program, which increases the likelihood of successful productivity improvement. Bevington provides what is needed to ensure that your organisation’s people can make the change happen.

For a practical Bevington Group case study, see World Vision – Transformation at Australia’s Largest Charitable Group

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