Frank Maycock

Frank has extensive global experience managing and leading teams in Asia Pacific, USA and UK. He has held several senior executive positions at GM, VP and President levels including directorships and a chairmanship. His specialist areas include leadership, change management, restructures, recovery planning, strategic planning, and international experience.

He has been instrumental in increasing profitability at companies with global markets, such as Goodyear (South Pacific Tyres), Brintons, and Nissan, as well as 13 years’ experience working with Caltex Oil across NZ, South Africa, and Australia.

Frank has restructured businesses to reduce overheads and increase productivity. Other major components of his roles have been the development and management of key customer business relationships – particularly in the areas of ID sales growth opportunities and supply chain solutions.

He has developed and implemented strategies that involved financial and operational changes, and sourced new markets. The key to his success has been an ability to motivate the management team and focus on achieving business outcomes.

In financial management, Frank has extensive experience, including budget preparation, detailed product costing, commercial contracts, capital investment, and preparation of extensive business models.
His career has been highlighted by an ability to develop and sell innovative solutions for the organization and its customers – including activity costing for logistics to highlight true service costs, industry first operator training based on process knowledge and fault-finding, concept of guaranteed supply volume to reward loyal customers, etc.

Frank’s successful track record has stemmed from commitment, innovation, and drive to provide the highest level of success for the organization, its customers, and employees. A key factor has been the development of people to maximize their effectiveness and enhance their careers – mentoring and coaching to assist them to realize their full potential.