Richard Anderson

As a process improvement and change management consultant, Richard’s broadening experience spans industries including; government and agency, education, banking, healthcare, global and national logistics, insurance, technology, resources, not-for-profit and construction. His excellence in process design and operating model thinking complement his natural charisma and people-oriented style making him invaluable to both his clients and the Bevington team.

Richard demonstrates his value to clients in clearly understanding and articulating underlying issues that drive organisational waste. Working to design solutions that can deliver quantified benefit, he is focused to directly address Noise and its root cause. Recent experience has seen him deliver detailed operating model reviews, process reengineering assignments, and drive mid-large organisational change. His skills as a facilitator and stakeholder manager have allowed him to ensure that people stay engaged in the improvement journey for both inputs and commitment to change.

Richards experience in change management and implementation spans from large financial institutions to small not-for-profit organisations. His attitude to ‘just do it’ as well as experience of developing client capability underpin their success.

His expertise in facilitation, knowledge and experience of process improvement have continued to mark Richard as an asset to process reengineering. He works to ensure that design is performed in co-operation with the right internal staff and the right outcomes can be delivered.

Prior to his work at Bevington, Richard specialised in Higher Education international strategy and business expansion in what is a competitive and volatile market and has thus built a deep appreciation of such market dynamics.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sheffield.