Travis Firth

Travis is a customer-centric leader with experience across the ‘grow’ and ‘run’ functions of operations and call centres. He takes a pragmatic approach to transformation, capitalising on enterprise projects, partnering with third party providers and running tactical improvements through agile teams. He has vast experience in the financial services industry, while also having exposure to government and infrastructure.

Travis is a strong proponent of highly efficient and innovative solutions that will massively improve service to customers and increase engagement. Through his blend of experience and knowledge in operations and technology, he is able to deliver these in ways that are practical and easy to implement. He has demonstrated this by delivering re-engineered processes and updated operating models for both clients and his own organisations.

Travis cultivates a shared vision among the team and uses analytical insights and feedback measures to drive data-based decision making. This and his operational experience combine to enable him to deploy change where it has failed before. He uses these skills to setup and deliver transformation programs to materially improve NPS and business unit profitability. He has also managed and supported change with implementation of interim governance, processes, tools and engagement of staff.

Travis has over 14 years management experience, most recently as head of a major unit with responsibility for hundreds of staff where he worked above and beyond his core functions to deliver major improvements to customer service. This depth of experience grants him an exceptional ability to drive practical change while managing the constraints of a highly stretched operation.

Travis holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University, Melbourne, a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia, and an MBA from University of Melbourne Business School .