How to revitalise a moribund corporate culture

How to revitalise a moribund corporate culture An organisational culture on the brink of death is at risk of dragging the enterprise down with it. But never fear – a moribund corporate culture can be resuscitated. By Roger Perry Managing Director at Bevington Group, Roger Perry is one of the Asia Pacific region’s foremost productivity improvement […]

Courage plus accountability equals a performance culture

Courage and accountability are the twin pillars of any performance culture. Make it your mission to lead the way. By Roger Perry As experienced leaders we have all seen it: the failed attempt to deliver a cultural transformation. The glitzy launch, the fanfare, the hope and promise of a better place to work. However, already […]

Great leaders are masters of measurement

Leaders guide their organisations through regular change, meaning they must become masters of measurement. By Roger Perry Just a few weeks ago I sat in a CEO’s office helping him consider a measurement conundrum. His biggest challenge was simply time – he needed to know early if the change was working, and if not, where […]

So much to do and so little time! Prioritising critical changes

Most leaders will eventually be faced with a burning platform and too much to do. So how do they prioritise critical change for success? By Roger Perry Bear with me as I suggest you imagine yourself as the CEO of a company in need of radical change: an entity that can best be described as […]

Purpose and adaptability: The keys to organisational resilience

Purpose and adaptability: The keys to organisational resilience Find out how to develop organisational resilience, and why it’s vital for companies to survive in the long term. By Roger Perry Purpose At the end of World War II Viktor Frankl, a brilliant ex-Auschwitz inmate, wrote Man’s Search for Meaning. The book demonstrated that purpose was a key […]

Building your virtual enterprise

To innovate, even established companies need new forms of organisation, such as the virtual enterprise or collaborative network. By Roger Perry It’s 3am and you are fast asleep. Strangely, as a product executive for an edgy pharmaceuticals firm you would often be awake at this time, worrying about whether the company was about to blow a […]