Cost Management

Employees waste a lot of effort working around systemic flaws that get buried. Brian Plowman explains how to dig them up and solve them. It’s difficult to take out costs from your organisation if its resources are already stretched. Such constraints make it important to target where changes to business processes will give the best […]

The Minimum Viable Product: love and fear

The Minimum Viable Product: love and fear CEOs love the way Minimum Viable Product initiatives can speed up product development cycles, yet they fear the consequences of an ill-disciplined approach. By Roger Perry It was a misty Tuesday morning at an executive retreat for a company in the early stages of a tailspin. The mist was […]

An Intelligent Response To A Financial Downturn

How can your organisation use these economically challenging times to provide a platform for future growth? Management consultant Roger Perry suggests there are seven elements to an intelligent response to the downturn. For many organisations, 2009 will be one of the most challenging years on record. Although Australia may still technically avoid recession, we know […]