Transformation Design

Operating Model Design

Ensure the optimal combination of roles, skills, structures, processes, assets, and technologies that allow your organisation to deliver on its service or product promises.

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Process Reengineering

Use Lean techniques to identify value, eliminate waste, and create flow. Use Agile methods for collaboration, customer focus, and faster/flexible delivery with lower risk.

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Lean & Agile Practices

Apply a unique mix of standard lean methods and advanced business process improvement techniques in collaboration with your staff to deliver outstanding productivity and quality outcomes.

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Transformation Execution

Change Management

Support your business to deliver change successfully using a broad array of tools and skills, from capability building to hard metrics, from outbound communication to feedback loops.

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Accelerated Implementation

Focus on rapid analysis, continuous engagement, and frequent/staged delivery from process review through to solution design and execution, to ensure momentum is created and sustained.

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Process Technology

Deploy tools to provide full visibility of your business processes & workflows, optimise streaming & allocation of work, and metrics & reporting that truly reflects customer experiences.

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Tools & Software

XeP3 Lean Accelerator

XeP3 is a cloud based, patented, productivity improvement toolset to analyse process activities, including the usually undocumented interfacing activities. It is ideal for improving complex processes, widespread process reengineering and change management programs. XeP3 is applicable to all sizes of organisations. Read more