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Break down the barriers with our accelerated implementation methodologies.

Focus on rapid analysis, continuous engagement, and frequent delivery iterations, from process review through to solution design and execution. This ensures momentum is created and sustained.

There is little more frustrating, costly, and potentially damaging, to an organisation than waiting for results that are repeatedly delayed, for all manner of reasons. They may also be deployed with lower scope and quality than expected, or insufficient understanding by the stakeholders and training for users.

The application of Lean & Agile Practices and a great Change Management program will go a long way to setting you up for success. However, there are multiple supporting tools and techniques to ensure you are progressing at excellent pace, and delivering regularly.

The Bevington Group has developed, applied, and proven, successful implementation methods for our clients, which include:

  • Program scoping and setup – to set expectations and understanding
  • Continuous engagement – communications, collaboration, business-led outcomes
  • Governance – empowerment, ownership, decision-making, accountability
  • Feedback loops – learn from iterations, adjust priorities, change course
  • Work management and visibility – tracking tools, e.g. XeP3 Momentum Methods
  • Reporting and metrics – status updates, effective measures of progress

Bevington consultants can assist with all aspects of your implementation journey, tailored to your specific needs:

  • Establish and drive implementation programs
  • Facilitate collaboration across business, project, and technology teams
  • Transfer knowledge to enable continued program execution
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support