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Getting real on bureaucracy busting

To beat bureaucracy you need to understand why it is so pervasive and resilient, then you can build real plans to defeat it. By Roger Perry Most of us would like to limit organisational bureaucracy, but we often find that dealing with its scourge is easier said than done. By ‘bureaucracy’, I mean activity that […]

Why your business needs to develop agility to thrive

Why your business needs to develop agility to thrive At a time where nimble players and business models can swipe profitable niches, you need to develop agility as your best competitive capability. By Roger Perry In his famous text Tao Te Ching, the Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu wrote that “the soft and supple are the companions of […]

Agile thinking

Survival means adaptability; agile thinking provides leaders with new ways to evolve their organisation. By Roger Perry Organisations need to be more responsive and adaptive in the face of an accelerating pace of change. Agile thinking enables companies to deliver products and services faster while involving customers and staff in improvement cycles they genuinely enjoy. Case […]