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The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

As last year came to a close and the new one is upon us, we reach the inevitable introspection that leads to pondering our New Year’s resolutions. We review the ledger of the good, the bad and the indifferent. On the outcome of this scale we decide whether the year was positive or one of […]

How to revitalise a moribund corporate culture

How to revitalise a moribund corporate culture An organisational culture on the brink of death is at risk of dragging the enterprise down with it. But never fear – a moribund corporate culture can be resuscitated. By Roger Perry Managing Director at Bevington Group, Roger Perry is one of the Asia Pacific region’s foremost productivity improvement […]

Courage plus accountability equals a performance culture

Courage and accountability are the twin pillars of any performance culture. Make it your mission to lead the way. By Roger Perry As experienced leaders we have all seen it: the failed attempt to deliver a cultural transformation. The glitzy launch, the fanfare, the hope and promise of a better place to work. However, already […]

So much to do and so little time! Prioritising critical changes

Most leaders will eventually be faced with a burning platform and too much to do. So how do they prioritise critical change for success? By Roger Perry Bear with me as I suggest you imagine yourself as the CEO of a company in need of radical change: an entity that can best be described as […]

Avoiding Change Resistance: A Pragmatic View

Responses to change vary widely. Some accept, some champion, some resist, some become stressed, and some close down. Yet nearly all major organisational change requires behavioural adaption from staff. So, experienced leaders know that proactive planning is required if they want an enthusiastic response from staff. This article will outline some practical approaches to the […]

Technology Led Transformation: The Business’s Contribution to Success or Failure.

Most experienced executives are inherently cautious around major technology transformations. In our transformation work, we at the Bevington Group have found that most executives appreciate the risks of cost blow-outs, delayed delivery dates, software bugs, customer impacts and decreased productivity (even if temporary) on deployment.  Overall, the cost of managing these risks often severely impacts […]