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Building and Maintaining Organisational Energy for Adaptation

Most of us have realised that we will need to adapt constantly over the next few years (if not longer). It is not just COVID-19 lockdown uncertainty, but also the geopolitical, micro-political, social, psychological and macro-economic ructions that will be creating change for years to come. So, how do we sustain the energy necessary to keep “sensing and responding” to changing contexts? How do we do this at an organisational level?

Making Better Decisions Under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainty

As the pandemic has played out around the world, organisations, and indeed governments, have taken decisions in very different ways. Strangely, many of those we would expect to have been aligned with contemporary decision-making theories and practices have not in fact been “up to speed”. The consequences have been very serious.

Making the Most of a Restructure

  With anaemic growth, high competitive intensity, and deep uncertainty, organisational restructures seem to be the order of the day. Yet they are notoriously difficult to effectively conceptualise and execute.   However, if you are seriously considering restructuring, then it is essential to understand how to make the most of the risk being taken. This […]

Getting real on bureaucracy busting

To beat bureaucracy you need to understand why it is so pervasive and resilient, then you can build real plans to defeat it. By Roger Perry Most of us would like to limit organisational bureaucracy, but we often find that dealing with its scourge is easier said than done. By ‘bureaucracy’, I mean activity that […]