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When aberrations become the norm in the workplace

How do the disruptions creep in? By Diana Perry, Bevington Group & Izabella Kobylanski, Planning Results Businesses are under constant pressure to deliver short-term results. Consequently, productivity is continually being reviewed and scrutinised, whether at an individual, departmental, organisational, industry or national level. Not surprisingly, the business world has taken on the mantra coined by […]

Waste elimination: The safest route to improved profitability

Waste elimination: The safest route to improved profitability Waste elimination is the fastest way to improve performance, but first you have to find the waste and prioritise. By Roger Perry Waste elimination is often assumed to be a cost play, but, as a result of improved customer service, it can also be a powerful revenue enhancer. […]

Process failures: Paying to annoy customers

Process failures: Paying to annoy customers Mitigate ‘Noise’©– a measurement of the people-time spent addressing process failures–and stop irritating your customers. By Roger Perry As social media makes it increasingly easier for customers to either recommend or pillory a company, organisations are becoming critically sensitive to customer opinions. Yet many organisations struggle to improve the level […]

Technology Led Transformation: The Business’s Contribution to Success or Failure.

Most experienced executives are inherently cautious around major technology transformations. In our transformation work, we at the Bevington Group have found that most executives appreciate the risks of cost blow-outs, delayed delivery dates, software bugs, customer impacts and decreased productivity (even if temporary) on deployment.  Overall, the cost of managing these risks often severely impacts […]

Going paperless to enhance productivity, what it really means for your business

For many “going paperless” sounds only like a clean desk policy: a means to reduce consumption of paper and present a tidy and well organised workplace. However, this is far from the core productivity revolution that going paperless can imply. Paperless can mean accelerating the flow of activity through an organisation, reducing errors, reducing waste […]

The 7 Principles For A Successful Restructure

Under uncertainty and turbulence, many organisations can no longer operate as they have been. A key feature of this changing landscape is the need for organisations to restructure. As process and structure specialists, Bevington Group has observed the good, the bad and the ugly of restructures. Based on our experiences, we have devised seven broad […]