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Short-term actions that can be taken to get you through the crisis

In the first of our “Resilience Now” webinar series we described a “Balanced Response” framework for the extreme economic turbulence (based on research and practice). This webinar, second in the series, looks more closely at the short-term actions that can be taken to get you through the crisis. It reflects in more detail on what […]

Strategies and tactics for turbulent times

All our businesses are being impacted by turbulent conditions. We are in the middle of uncharted territory with COVID-19 overlaying a relatively anaemic market. Furthermore, this is just one of the latest sets of shocks we have had to navigate (such as bushfires and trade-wars). Yet now we are facing the real possibility of a […]

The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

As last year came to a close and the new one is upon us, we reach the inevitable introspection that leads to pondering our New Year’s resolutions. We review the ledger of the good, the bad and the indifferent. On the outcome of this scale we decide whether the year was positive or one of […]

Going paperless to enhance productivity, what it really means for your business

For many “going paperless” sounds only like a clean desk policy: a means to reduce consumption of paper and present a tidy and well organised workplace. However, this is far from the core productivity revolution that going paperless can imply. Paperless can mean accelerating the flow of activity through an organisation, reducing errors, reducing waste […]