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Restructuring and Resilience: a presentation by Roger Perry

Our latest Change Network event on today’s leading restructuring practices and resilience in turbulent times was kicked off by our MD Roger Perry and Nicole Sadler from Phoenix Australia. The material presented by Roger can be viewed here. Thanks to all leaders for joining us and for sharing your valuable insights. The additional material presented by […]

Making the Most of a Restructure

  With anaemic growth, high competitive intensity, and deep uncertainty, organisational restructures seem to be the order of the day. Yet they are notoriously difficult to effectively conceptualise and execute.   However, if you are seriously considering restructuring, then it is essential to understand how to make the most of the risk being taken. This […]

High performance and clarity of operations strategy

High performance and clarity of operations strategy High performance and clarity of operations strategy are a common pairing because it is operational processes and functions that deliver to customers. By Roger Perry The 18th century thinker politician Thomas Walpole famously commented that, “When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun […]

How NOT to stuff up a company restructure

How NOT to stuff up a company restructure A great company restructure design can improve your chances of success. However, the process requires you to think about what constitutes a good structure. By Roger Perry Restructures can be an invaluable way to accelerate performance. However, they can only do so if they are well executed and […]

Organisational Resilience and Anti-fragility: How businesses can grow through stress

In increasingly uncertain times leaders have been struggling with how to build organisations that are resilient to anticipated and unanticipated threats. A whole genre of literature and practice has emerged on the subject of resilience, however, the conversation is already moving on. The issue now is how we build organisations that thrive and develop, not […]