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Artificial intelligence will wipe out some jobs (but yours might be enhanced)

Much is written about artificial intelligence and robotics, but what most of us really want to know is: will a robot take my job? When will it happen? What can I do about it? Let’s start with the bad news. If your job consists mostly of repetitive tasks and simple decisions, you could be affected in the […]

What does AI mean for superannuation?

Artificial intelligence and robotics are being heralded as a productivity revolution from which no industry is immune, but what does it really mean for the superannuation industry? To help you begin to navigate this complex reality, I will briefly explain the four major types of AI application, describe some positive impacts, and then discuss the […]

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence : Pragmatics and Cases

The Bevington Group regularly host events in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. As well as unique and specialised events for clients, we regularly host Change Networks. These provide an interactive forum to exchange experiences and learnings on how to manage change, usually within the context of topical business issues. Attended by professionals across a broad spectrum […]

Meet Roger Perry, Managing Director of the Bevington Group and organisational strategy expert

Q. Do you need a partner for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? A. Finding your way in a brave new world of robots and artificial intelligence isn’t rocket science, but it might make you feel like you’re learning how to foxtrot on a slippery floor. Roger Perry is the Managing Director of the Bevington Group, one […]