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Robotics & Artificial Intelligence : Pragmatics and Cases

The Bevington Group regularly host events in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. As well as unique and specialised events for clients, we regularly host Change Networks. These provide an interactive forum to exchange experiences and learnings on how to manage change, usually within the context of topical business issues. Attended by professionals across a broad spectrum […]

Aligning leaders with an operating model

An agreed operating model can be the difference between an aligned leadership team and a fumbled execution of strategy. By Roger Perry When the chairperson of a respected enterprise asked me to lead what can only be called a ‘restructuring rescue’ it quickly became clear that the board and management were not aligned on strategy. I […]

Digital strategy options to drive productivity & service improvement

Digital strategy options to drive productivity & service improvement The digital sphere enables us do more, and do it faster. However, we need a map of the landscape and a digital strategy in order to do it productively. By Roger Perry Although companies have been using digital technologies for decades, it’s really only recently that there […]